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Highlighting the artwork of a very talented high school student.

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Jackson Park Elementary School was originally owned by the Jackson Park Elementary School (University City, Missouri) PTO.If you are looking for them, try one of these links.
Jackson Park Elemntary School, School District of University City (official site)

The PTO Facebook Page


Who I Am

I am a starting artist, primarily a graphic designer. My medium is electronic Graphics, Adobe Illistrator and MS Fresh Paint. I also work in piant, ink, & pencil. As I said, I am starting out.

I am a student at University City (MO) High School. Class of 2020.

All works copyright © 2017-2019 by Yael Portman. All Rights Reserved.

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A sampling of my work.

"As You Like It Ale. Label made for the Spring Musical, As You Like It, 2019 made in Illistrator
Never Again Poster, Yom Hashoah, 2019 - made in Freshpaint.
Together MLK Day project 2019 - made in Freshpaint.
Poster for Sister Act, UCHS Spring Musical, 2018.
Logo for Kol Rinah USY
University City High School Lion. Assignment 2019 - Freshpaint
Kol Rinah USY Logo


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